Where to find resources

There’s a wealth of information out there to help you learn about the industry, find training courses and apply for that first job

If you think you want to work in the travel industry, it might be hard to know where to start. But there’s a wealth of resources to help you as you prepare to enter the market and look to apply for a job. Here’s an overview of what’s out there.

Industry associations

Abta is the largest travel trade association and, as well as representing more than 4,600 travel members, has an extensive educational arm promoting career opportunities in the industry. It offers advice about apprenticeships and T Levels, and insights into travel trends and recruitment. There’s also an Abta education partner scheme, which brings universities, colleges and training companies closer to its industry members through career development and events. In addition, an Abta regional student representative programme arranges for students to be mentored by people in travel.

Abta: Education and career development

The Institute of Travel & Tourism has an education and training arm that boasts a portfolio of resources aimed at helping students find work in the industry. Part of this is ITT Future You, an initiative connecting the education sector with the industry. This is done through a variety of ways, including roadshows at education institutions across the country, Future You ambassadors and a conference, among other engagements.

ITT Education and Training Hub

Training and resources

ITT Future You is also a partner of the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership, which offers a free ‘introduction to the industry’ course. Look out for a new course coming soon.

The GTTP Education and Training Portal

Those interested in entering the world of business travel can find resources and a handy brochure full of careers advice from the Business Travel Association.

BTA Careers Resources

If you have your eye on joining the aviation industry, the Aviation Skills Recruitment Platform offers some specific resources.

Aviation Skills Recruitment Platform

For more experience and job vacancies with airlines, check out Talentview Aviation. “Talentview Aviation is free to use and features hundreds of vacancies covering apprenticeships, work experience, T Levels, internships and graduate jobs, to mention just a few,” says Richard Smith, engagement director. “They are all in one place for students to view or apply, and fully supported by a network of aviation colleges, universities and schools.”

Talentview Aviation

Stay updated

If you’re looking for a job in the travel industry, it’s important to keep up to date with industry news, external factors impacting travel, acquisitions within the industry and product updates to help expand your knowledge. The UK’s leading travel trade media company, Travel Weekly, publishes daily news, destination features, analysis and much more – and it’s all free to access.

Travel Weekly website

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